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LogFire provides comprehensive warehouse and logistics visibility, inbound and outbound planning and execution, quality control, value added services, compliance labeling, electronic data transfer, as well as reverse logistics. Built on the true cloud, LogFire’s flexible inventory and warehouse management systems provide seamlessly integrated omnichannel functionality.

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LogFire helps retailers transform their stores (or any other physical site) into an optimized logistic network with flexible and robust functionality capable of fulfilling orders however, wherever, and whenever they are made.

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LogFire’s Dynamic Fulfillment Solution provides a centralized view of inventory and order orchestration connecting customers' eCommerce platforms to their fulfillment centers.

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In The Warehouse

LogFire provides omnichannel functionality and total inventory management from the manufacturing source to the end user.

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In The Store

LogFire helps retailers fulfill consumer purchases however, wherever and whenever they are made.

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LogFire fulfills eCommerce orders faster and more accurately. A connected solution for connected customers.

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Myths vs Facts

This fact sheet will help you with the industry myths surrounding taking WMS to the cloud!

  • Patrick A. Ressa - CIO, SCI Logistics

    We wanted to onboard customers quickly, but this ended up being even easier than we had hoped.

    Patrick A. Ressa
    CIO, SCI Logistics

  • Dwight Klappich - Research VP, Gartner

    LogFire has established itself as a standout in true multitenant SaaS WMS.

    Dwight Klappich
    Research VP, Gartner

  • Christian Higa - Head of Logistics Operations, Inkafarma

    With a combined warehouse control system and LogFire, InkaFarma’s fulfillment operations are considered the most automated in Peru.

    Christian Higa
    Head of Logistics Operations, Inkafarma

  • Gabriel Ortiz - VP of Supply Chain, Supermercados Peruanos

    LogFire’s cloud-based solution provided us with the necessary flexibility to extend our supply chain and implement a new distribution center with Tier 1 WMS solution capabilities right before the end-of-year peak season, which was our major goal.

    Gabriel Ortiz
    VP of Supply Chain, Supermercados Peruanos


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