Services for Optimizing Your Solutions

application-management-servicesThe implementation and support of enterprise, supply chain and warehouse management solutions brings a wide variety of challenges to an IT organization and tactical support needs to be aligned with a company’s long-term IT strategic initiatives and resources.  The breadth and depth of IT skills required to implement and support the solutions infrastructure can exceed an organization’s existing capacity as well as specialized skills may be required on an on-demand or as needed basis.

LogFire’s technology-focused resources can help overcome these challenges, and here are a few examples of areas where our team are available to assist or augment your IT organization through the entire product support life cycle.

Architecture design:

  • Server and Data Center Specifications
  • High-availability infrastructure design
  • Business continuity strategy

Application Installation & Deployment:

  • Environment setup & management strategy
  • Code management strategy
  • 3rd party software installation (database, application, web)

Performance tuning:

  • Optimized configuration for concurrent users
  • Memory & CPU consumption analysis
  • Hardware assessment
  • Response time analysis

Monitoring services:

  • CPU and process memory utilization
  • Mapping of overall CPU/memory consumption over time
  • Validation of hardware procurement and upgrade needs
  • Resource planning for peak season and future growth

Maintenance services:

  • File system maintenance
  • Backup, archiving, and purging strategy & implementation
  • Optimization for real-time reporting


  • Supply chain systems integrations
  • Interface development & testing
  • Data mapping & design of middleware business logic


  • Data center facility coordination
  • Server access and maintenance
  • Peak season server & resource allocation