Supply Chain Solutions & Digital Fulfillment

The expectations of today’s highly mobile, digitally savvy consumers are stressing traditional supply chains. Limited by conventional systems and processes, omni-channel fulfillment is almost impossible to attain. Ready or not, businesses and their supply chains need to move at the speed of the internet — executing across all their channels based on a single view of inventory. Thriving in this new paradigm requires the power of a digital fulfillment network.

How can we help you maximize your growth quickly?

Fully Leverage Your Entire (or Extended) Supply Chain Network

At LogFire we help retailers and eCommerce companies, consumer goods manufacturers, and logistics service providers modernize their supply chain to meet ever changing consumer demands. With a single, comprehensive view of inventory from suppliers to DCs or fulfillment centers to store shelves, our customers improve efficiencies, boost fill rates and rise above competitors.

Only a 100% cloud-based solution – designed from the ground up to leverage modern technologies and mobile data sources – can enable boundless fulfillment. And, surprisingly, this isn’t difficult to achieve. Unlike traditional WMS solutions, our flexible architecture and customizable integration framework allows us to complete implementation within weeks. Better yet, our customers typically realize measurable value within the first three months.

Our cloud-based solutions automate replenishment and minimize stock-outs with close to 100% fulfillment rates. Ranked as “visionary” in Gartner’s 2014 WMS Magic Quadrant, our suite includes:

With LogFire, your business will have unlimited options for collaboration, growth, and new strategies. You won’t be held hostage by traditional warehouse management systems and processes. Contact us today to learn more.