Benefits for Retail

Customers assume that when they buy an item the system in place managing their transaction is as connected and digital as the sales tool they used to make their purchase.

LogFire transforms any site (warehouse, distribution center, storefront, kiosk, garage) into a robust and seamless fulfillment center capable of managing individual pallets, parcels, or pieces.

LogFire delivers the industry’s broadest and deepest cloud-based warehouse management solution.

Customers relying on our technology to power their fulfillment operations enjoy:

  • Improve Flow – Seamless and reliable management of warehousing and distribution flow
  • Improve MHE – Manage complex material handling equipment with a true integration framework
  • Increase Configurability – Enjoy robust and configurable fulfillment flexibility and scalability
  • Enable planning – Enjoy easy access to actionable information for improving inbound and outbound planning and execution, as well as value added services.
  • Monitor Pricing – Support dynamic pricing
  • Process Sales Immediately – Same-day delivery order processing