LogFire Blog


August 2, 2016

Why Our #SquadGoals Matter to Our Business

When I started LogFire in my late twenties, I knew I was setting out to disrupt an entrenched status quo. I also knew my approach to modernizing inventory management would have to look different, think different, and be different. I knew we would have to offer a completely new business model and value proposition.

The company I built has been successful at carving out a space in the industry. We’ve managed to lead the market in Latin America and now we are seeing the same trend and success in North America. Our installations are as far away as South Africa and New Zealand. We survived in an arena where we were not expected to and experienced tremendous growth during the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression. We compete regularly with older, more established companies with hundreds of millions of dollars to play with.

I believe the only reason we’ve been able to make this happen is because of the team of people I’ve built around me the last nine years.

When I look around our office, it’s hard not to immediately notice that the LogFire team is relatively young. Throughout our time together that has always been the case. We’ve built this company maximizing the vision and energy of the best and brightest millennials we can find. We bring them in, train them, and give them a lot of responsibility right away.

They respond by rising to the challenge, solving problems, and adding experience to their resumes that they just wouldn’t have the opportunity of getting at a more traditional company.

These millennials work on our product team. They work on our services team. They work in sales & marketing. None of what we’ve achieved as a business could have happened without their contributions.

I find it strange when I read articles about businesses not being able to understand how to motivate this demographic. I don’t understand what it is businesses don’t get.

Millennials are exactly like everybody else, only faster. They are a smart generation. Being trusted motivates them. A clear strategy motivates them. An ultimate goal motivates them. It’s that easy. If they are given these things, they will deliver. Whatever it is I have asked the team to come up with, they have delivered.

When we wanted to develop a new version of our software, we just did it. When we needed to implement a complex, automated warehouse for the first time in SCM history in the cloud, we just did it. When the company needed to implement marketing automation and integrate it with Salesforce, we just did it. There isn’t anything that exists from a business standpoint that our millennials have not been able to figure out and just do.

What makes our squad unique – what we have managed to tap into – is a passion to push the envelope and deliver the best cloud-based WMS product on the market. When that product wins and closes deals, it’s because everybody on the team contributed. Everybody wins.

Yes, we also have foosball and a Ping-Pong table. We have free snacks and an automatic coffee machine we’ve named “Bender.” We also trust our team enough that we offer everyone unlimited vacation. However, I think none of that matters as much as the fact that my team knows I trust them with decisions that matter -- with solving very important problems. I think it’s the challenge and the responsibility we afford our employees that results in them giving 100% or more.

Compared to our competitors, yes, we’re small. But we’re still global, and we’re nimble and we make a lot of noise relative to our size. We’re a young, diverse team, and everyone on it already has a lot of experience implementing projects around the world. There’s a lot of energy here.

With a passionate team pulling in the same direction all of our work is made easier. We work hard everyday, but then we’ll get together to have a beer or take a cooking class or something.

I love being at LogFire. I love my job. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude by the people who have chosen to stay here the past nine years. With the people who work here – the millennials, the Gen Xers, and even the baby boomer, there’s nothing our squad can’t do together as a team.

-Diego Pantoja-Navajas